The WarmthPressed from ancient molds or, more often, forged in rotary kilns, the music of The Warmth has primarily been discovered floating just below the surface of small bodies of water and is best suited to soundtrack stories told in cave paintings. Carl Saff (interpreter) and Paul Foreman (raw materials specialist) remain steadfast as the unlikely curators of these artifacts, ensuring proper care and documentation. 2006 saw the release of the sprawling, birch bark and clay series, Fox & Weathervane. The motivation behind the original creation of this material has been widely speculated on, though no definitive conclusion has been reached. From 2007 through late 2009, the duo employed a unique, controlled vocabulary and melodic nomenclature in interpreting their findings, referred to simply as Vulture. Their activities since then remain largely undocumented, but a new work, entitled Tourniquet, appeared in 2013.

The Warmth: Paul Foreman & Carl Saff


Tourniquet (2012)

  1. Missing Bows
  2. Move Quickly*
  3. Silvia, Overwhelmed
  4. We Sold Lightning
  5. While the Compound Kicks In
  6. Gondola
  7. Who was I Kidding
  8. Pissed in the Park
  9. Hang On, Electron
  10. Workhouse Infirmary

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Cover photo: Gabe McCurdy

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Vulture (2009)

  1. Pursuit of Wealth
  2. Brakelight Inn
  3. Aegean Sea
  4. Preparations for Winter
  5. Harvester's Hand
  6. Your Medicine
  7. Alarm Pheromone
  8. Bloodletting
  9. A — Z
  10. Denny's Last Dream

Cover photo: Chris Grillo

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The Creeper, 1971 (2009)

The Creeper, 1971
  1. Charged*
  2. Christmas Island*
  3. Big Western Smile*
  4. Let it Flow*
    (Written by Jason Pierce)

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Cover artwork: Anne Manteleers

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Fox & Weathervane (2006)

Fox & Weathervane
  1. You Crafty Devil
  2. Granville Station*
  3. Motown Stars*
  4. All the Gold
  5. Distance & Roses
  6. Scarecrows Hat*
  7. The Vivian Girls
  8. A Sound like Someone Trying not to Make a Sound
  9. Tremolo Lament
  10. Richie Lee
  11. (Pretend) We are Bonnie & Clyde

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